Aluminium Radiator


Aluminium Rads bathroom

The Aluminium radiator has been designed to operate at temperatures of 30 – 60’C with a maximum water temperature of 95’C. The operating temperature of the Al is much lower than that of conventional radiators which require temperatures of up to 82’C.

When compared to conventional radiators at the same supply temperature the AL will be 30 – 40% smaller in size with a similar output. In addition the volume of water contained within the system can be up to 60% less than that of a conventional system.

The clean modern design of the AL encourages natural air movement away from the radiator allowing for fact even distribution of heat.

The Aluminium radiator is the ideal solution for both conventional and renewable heating systems. As they are a sectional radiator each unit can be sized exactly to distribute a specific heat load requirement.

Due to the low operating temperature of the Aluminium radiator condensing boilers are able to operate to their maximum potential and energy efficient products can work at their most effective temperature range.

Die cast aluminium radiator 10 bar section. Each sections 80mm 

Prices from €11 per section Plus Vat @ 23%



Fan Coils:


Fan coil


For the first time, it is possible to consider heating to be a style item in the design and decor of your home. You can now liberate yourself from unsightly and wasteful conventional solutions. Our philosophy recognises the importance of good design. Fan Coil heaters add to the styling of your home.



A 50% reduction in boiler size is not unusual due to the fact that Fan Coils was designed to

operate with tiny water volumes and the energy saving software allows for soloVariants_image_41continuous adjustment

of the heat delivered to ensure no overheating or under heating.