AWTThe ES AWT models have been developed to offer all the benefits of the ES AWH coupled with the convenience of a multi-function tank.

In these models the indoor unit has been integrated with a 200 multi-function litre cylinder. This cylinder will provide domestic hot water as well as acting as a buffer for the heating system.

The system is simple and easy to install into both new and existing systems. The all in one indoor unit measures 60 cm in width which allows it to be fitted in a variety of areas. In addition all connections are located at the top of the unit which minimises the space required.Line

All ES heat pumps are powered by modulating inverter compressors. ES inverter technology automatically modulates the power consumption of the unit depending on external and internal temperatures. In this way the unit will only produce exactly what is required by the building at any one time. This technology dramatically reduces energy consumption while ensuring maximum comfort within the building.Line

All ES heat pumps are of split design, i.e. outdoor and indoor units. The outdoor unit extracts energy from the air, transfers it to refrigerant gas 410A which is then compressed into a high temperature vapour. This refrigerant passes to the indoor unit where its heat is transferred into the heating water which in turn is distributed to the heating system. This format increases the efficiencies by up to 25% over the heating season.Line

With the relative humidity in temperate climates defrosting becomes a major issue for all heat pumps. The split design of all our heat pumps greatly reduces frost build up. ES heat pumps have a specialized defrosting program to minimize defrosting time. This defrosting cycle does not use electric heaters. In addition our outdoor heat exchangers are coated with nanoparticles to prevent ice formation. This nano coating also facilitates fast and effective defrosting which significantly increases the real life efficiencies of the heat pump especially during the winter months.Line

The correct sizing of a heat pump is of the utmost importance. Under sizing of a heat pump will result in an extremely ineffective system which will not only result in high energy bills but will never meet the full requirements of the building. For this reason our in house technical team will size each heat pump on a case by case basis and provide detailed plumbing and electrical installation schematics with each unit supplied.Line


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