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The revolutionary Hemera Heat Pump Cylinder all in one operates under the same principles as our AWH model. However there are a number of differences. The Hemeraconsists of a 300 litre cylinder on top of which site the heat pump mechanism. Instead of consuming external air to generate heat the Hemera utilises the warm air which is normally lost or extracted out of a building to generate an abundance of hot water.

The Hemera holds a constant 300 litres of hot water. When water is drawn off, air (energy) is drawn in from the selected area, passed through a heat exchanger, transferring its energy to refrigerant gas 134A. The gas is compressed into a high temperature vapour and sent around the tank heating the water. This cycle continues until the full volume of water  has been brought back up to the set temperature and then turns off.Line

The Hemera hold a constant volume of hot water at a set temperature irrespective of external weather conditions. The water temperature can be set at up to 60’C with the top of tank temperature often exceeding this due to stratification. The Hemera does not require back up from boilers or any other heat sources. The unit requires very little maintenance and comes with a 5 year guarantee.Line

The Hemera is ideal for retrofitting and installation into a new build systems. The system will easily supply all the hot water required for a domestic dwelling. Additionally the Hemera has numerous commercial applications irrespective of the size of the system.Line

The data below represents the volume of water the Hemera will convert to 55’C per hour with an inlet water temperature of 10’C. While these figures are impressive in themselves, the real life result is even greater. When cold water is introduced into the tank it mixes with the existing hot water in the lower half of the tank and so the average temperature only drops by a couple of degrees. The unit then only has to top up the temperature rather than taking it from 10’C right up to 55’C.

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