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Q. Where can I fi t MagnaClean Micro?

A. MagnaClean Micro is suitable for all smaller scale central heating systems comprising up to seven radiators and can be fi tted anywhere on the main circuit. In order to achieve the best protection for the boiler, it is recommended that MagnaClean Micro is fi tted between the last radiator and the boiler. In determining a suitable location for installation, it is important to ensure you allow adequate access for servicing.

Q. Which connection on the MagnaClean Micro canister is the fl ow and which is the return?

A. The bottom inlet is the fl ow, with the arrow pointing into the canister. The top is the return with the arrow pointing away from the canister. There is no fl ow restriction.

Q. Can I fi t MagnaClean Micro horizontally? A. MagnaClean Micro is designed to be fi tted vertically. Each isolation valve can rotate through 360°. The copper pipe provided makes it possible to fi t vertically on any pipe configuration. Please refer to the Installation and Servicing Instructions

Q. How often do I service MagnaClean Micro?

A. MagnaClean Micro has been designed to capture on average a year’s worth of magnetic and non-magnetic debris within a smaller scale central heating system comprising up to seven radiators. This means that servicing need only be carried out once a year with the annual boiler service. If the system has a heavy sludge build-up, or a power-flush was not carried out, we recommend cleaning MagnaClean Micro at appropriate intervals during the fi rst year of installation and annually thereafter.

Q. Can I use chemicals with MagnaClean Micro?

A. Yes. You can use any chemical or acid agents on the market with MagnaClean Micro. The patented Pro-Fill air vent has been designed to allow installers to insert chemicals directly into the system as described in the Installation and Servicing pages. Chemical dosing kits for this purpose are available to purchase through your local plumbing merchant. Alternatively, remove the lid and use the canister as a dosing vessel.

Q. What is the lifespan of MagnaClean Micro?

A. MagnaClean Micro has been designed to last for the lifetime of the boiler, normally ten years. It provides continuous protection and comes with a two year warranty. Registering your warranty is straight forward and can be done online at

Q. How do I isolate the valves?

A. Simply turn the valves to the marked OFF position using the small, black spanner provided. The valves rotate 360 degrees in either direction. IMPORTANT: Remember to switch off the electrical supply to the boiler when servicing MagnaClean Micro.

Q. I have a pacemaker, will MagnaClean Micro affect me?

A. As with all magnetic products, if you have a pacemaker, caution should be taken when handling MagnaClean Micro at all times. When MagnaClean Micro is installed, the magnetic field outside the canister is approximately one tenth of an average fridge magnet.

Q. How do I install MagnaClean Micro on plastic pipework?

A. MagnaClean Micro has been designed to be used with any pipework. When installing on plastic pipework we would suggest converting to copper pipes allowing 200mm on each side and pipe clipping into place.




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