Multi Function Buffer Tanks:

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The Multi Function Buffer Tanks acts as a central hub for any heating and hot water system. The Tanks has multiple connections located at various elevations within the tank. This layout allows for multiple connections to standard boilers, pellet boilers, back boilers, heat pumps and any other sources.

The patented technology of the Tanks coupled with its class leading insulation can drastically reduce heat loss and maximise efficiencies of the various system components.Line

The Multi Function Buffer Tanks is of stainless steel construction with an additional heating coil, safety valves, built in back up immersion, 2 thermostats, 3 additional thermostat pockets for connecting optimal temperature sensors for additional external heat sources.

Each Tanks also contains 2 number 20 m domestic hot water coils. These coils can be joined to generate the domestic hot water requirement for the building.

The Multi Function Buffer Tanks has been designed to fulfill a wide variety of functions in both domestic and commercial applications. The connections and coils can be used for any number of applications and differing system types.Line

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