We at Burconn are committed to providing a top quality service for all our clients.

At Burconn we don’t just supply Products.  We design site specific systems based on the requirements of the client.

This design includes all components of the heating system, from the source of heat generation right the way through to heat delivery & control.

Space heating accounts for a large portion of a homes monthly out goings. This is mainly due to 1. how the heat is generated 2. how the heat is distributed & 3. how the heat is controlled.

Burconn supply bespoke heating systems designed to fulfill the requirements of the dwelling in which it is installed. Our systems comprise of the most innovative, cost effective components on the market. From our revolutionary split DC inverter heat pump through to our bespoke control systems, each component of a Burconn system is designed to give the client comfort, convenience & cost savings.

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