Smart Heating Controls:

The key question is the level to which you need- or want to make your heating smart.

Most of these systems – Ember,Hive, Nest, Netatmo, Honeywell and Tado  & lots more not to mention – simply put a smart thermostat into the most-used room in the house or the hallway, and moderate the temperature of the whole house to match that room.

For smaller houses in which most rooms are in regular use this is probably a cost-effective way of attaining the desired results. You can always turn off the radiators you don’t need to avoid heating rooms unnecessarily


Ember Smart Heating Controls


Total control of your heating system – anywhere – anytime using the EPH Ember Heating System Controls. The system is comprised of WiFI ready RF thermostats & programmers which connect to your router via WiFI gateway. With the Ember App it is possible to control multiple homes, add multiple users, boost, change schedules, activate holiday more and much more.

EPH Ember Kit




CONVENIENT – Whether at home, or abroad, easy control your heating system is in the palm of your hand.

COMFORTABLE – No need to come home to a cold house again. Simply activate your heating system en route!

COST EFFECTIVE – Reduce your energy bills with total control of time and temperature of your heating & hot water.

MULTIPLE CONTROL – Control multiple homes at the touch of a button via your smartphone.



How it works

  • EMBER App will control your heating system via your EMBER gateway which is connected to your WiFi so you can change your settings on your phone
  • Your EMBER gateway is the connection between your WiFi modem and your heating controls.
  • The programmer and thermostats communicate with EMBER App to achieve your desired settings.
  • Enjoy your ideal heating and hot water temperatures with EMBER App today!








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