Solar Panel System Service is vital, if the system is to operate correctly.


  • Over time, the antifreeze breaks down and may freeze during a harsh winter. When the antifreeze is broken down, it turns to the consistency of soup and becomes more difficult to pump around the system
  • Temperature sensors can become faulty and can give false readings if they are heated beyond their recommended temperatures
  • Sensors can sometimes be pulled out of the correct location in the cylinder if they are not secured properly.
  • Software may need to be updated on the controller if it’s outdated.
  • Non return valves may become blocked with dirt if the antifreeze is not changed regularly. (recommended every 5 years)


Solar Panel System Service consist of the following:

  • Power flushing of the solar circuit to remove sludge and debris
  • Check of glycol fluid with refactor meter 
  • Examination of all connections in the solar loop
  • Examination of all electrical connections in the solar controls
  • Confirm the correct operation of all controls
  • Setting the correct pressure inside the expansion vessel when empty
  • Calibrate the pump flow rate to suit the solar panels of system
  • Setting the correct glycol pressure in the system
  • Confirm the correct settings of the controller
  • Check the operation of all valves and pumps in the system
  • A solar service certificate will be issued for your records


Solar Flushing Machine:

Which is used to pump glycol around system 




Standard service from: €250.00 (Extra cost if glycol is needed to fill system)








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